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Over 30 Years of Combined Criminal Law Experience.

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DUI defense attorney

A criminal defense lawyer is vital, to protect your rights in this complex, and rapidly evolving area of the law.

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Drugs and Possession

Law Enforcement and prosecutors are willing to spend time and money to return a very hard sentence and conviction. If you have been arrested for a drug crime in Alabama you need to hire a law firm with experience defending people in the same situation. Our attorneys at Furman and Furman will spend time investigating the circumstances surrounding your arrest. Our objective is to determine if the charges should be dismissed or if there is evidence that can be suppressed.

Misdemeanor Crimes

If you’ve been arrested for a misdemeanor it’s extremely important that you have an experienced criminal defense attorney that has a primary goal of a dismissal or reduction in your misdemeanor charge. Furman and Furmans primary goal for all of their clients is to get a dismissal or reduction in charge. The attorneys at Furman and Furman will fight hard for you in the Alabama courts.

Felony Crimes

Being arrested for a felony is serious. A felony is the most serious type of crime that person can commit. Felonies usually are crimes that seriously threaten human life or property, so Prosecutors take them very seriously. Felony crimes can carry a sentence or punishment of imprisonment in the state’s prison or penitentiary for one or more years, payment of fine, or both. 

DUI and Drug Charges

When it comes to Alabama DUI charges, it is important to remember that a charge is not a conviction. Before making any decisions or offering any testimony, it is important to contact an experienced Baldwin County DUI attorney who can represent your best interests. Depending on the facts of the case, it is often quite possible to get the charges dismissed or lessened based on factors like your driving record and the details of the arrest.

Personal Injury

Please contact Furman and Furman if you are seeking an experienced, effective personal injury lawyer anywhere in the state of Alabama. If you are too injured to travel, our attorney will come to you.

The personal injury compensation lawyers of Furman and Furman help clients recover a financial settlement for all kinds of injury and accident claims, including those involving:

Criminal Defense

At Furman and Furman we know that many good and honest people like you find themselves in tough spots and need experienced legal representation. Our firm has served clients throughout Alabama for several years and has the experience that you need after being charged with a criminal offense.
We are committed to helping you protect your rights and your future.