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Mobile and Baldwin County Juvenile Defense Attorney

At the Law Offices of Furman and Furman in Daphne and Mobile, Alabama, we handle juvenile cases involving shoplifting, underage drinking, vandalism, property damage and more serious offenses such as DUI and violent crimes. Juveniles can be charged with the same crimes as adults, but with juveniles, the charges may negatively affect their chances of getting into the college they desire, restrict the type of employment they are able to obtain or cause other unanticipated consequences.

Alabama Drug Possession and DUI Lawyer

Mobile juvenile crimes defense lawyer John Furman understands the juvenile justice system and how serious a conviction can be for a juvenile. He knows how to best defend against juvenile charges such as drug possession and driving under the influence (DUI). It is very important to seek the advice of an experienced, knowledgeable juvenile defense attorney as soon as possible.

The Importance of Trial Experience in Juvenile Criminal Defense Cases

The police and prosecutors are not your friends. They have no incentive to help you. Their goal is to obtain a guilty plea or conviction quickly and at minimum expense to the taxpayers and voters. They know you are afraid of the consequences of a criminal arrest, and will use that fear against you. They will try to convince you that the only way to avoid jail is to plead guilty and hope for leniency.

Do not give a statement or plead guilty without first consulting an experienced criminal defense trial lawyer who can and will fight for your rights in court. Knowing that you are represented by an accomplished attorney, they may be more inclined to negotiate a favorable plea.

Alabama Criminal Defense Attorney

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