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IN "THE EMPEROR'S New Clothes," a preening monarch is hoodwinked into believing that he's just bought a magnificent outfit when all he's been sold is a bill of (dry) goods. Prancing around in what he thinks is cloth of gold, the emperor is complimented by his obsequious subjects. They all would have lived happily ever after had a young boy not pointed his finger and said "he's naked!"

I love that story for what it tells us about the human capacity for self-delusion. We often believe what our hearts suggest despite the clear and urgent message relayed by facts.

Philadelphia has been getting a powerful lesson in self-delusion these past five weeks, as Kermit Gosnell has gone on trial and shown us a disturbing aspect of the abortion industry.

Of course, the supporters of pro-choice and their ubiquitous friends in the media will deny that fact. They, like the emperor's tailor, hope that most of us are gullible enough to believe that Gosnell was an outlier who is as much the face of reproductive rights as Josef Mengele was the face of scientific research.

But their arguments, necessary and understandable from a pro-choice perspective, are weak and contradicted by the facts, which are far more substantial than those invisible imperial garments.

To hear the abortion advocates of Planned Parenthood, NOW and NARAL Pro Choice America, the only way to prevent more Gosnells is to preserve Roe v. Wade. This is exactly what they want us to believe, hoping we don't notice that Gosnell exists precisely because Roe created him. Harry Blackmun did Jesus one better. The son of God turned water into wine, while Mr. Justice conjured a right to intrauterine murder out of the right to use birth control.

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Placement and Finalization

Furman for Families has selected Catholic Charities and Bethany Christian Services because they place the baby with the adoptive family as soon as the baby is released from the hospital if all legal paperwork has been approved.  In the case of interstate adoptions, addition paperwork must be approved. In some instances, the expectant mother may allow the adoptive parents to be present for the birth.


Finalization of the Adoption and Other Questions

The timeline for finalization of an adoption varies from state to state and also on the situation surrounding each adoption.  Each state has different rules regarding the birth parents withdrawing consent for the adoption.  Furman for Families is here to help you understand the timelines specific to your adoption.

Adoptive parents pay the fees associated with the adoption and may pay for some expenses experienced by the expectant mother.  Your Adoption Social Worker will guide you through the particulars for your case and your state.

Adoptive parents should be aware a Federal Adoption Tax Credit may be available.  Check with your Adoption Social Worker and your tax preparer to see if you are eligible.  This tax credit lowers the income tax owed by qualified tax payers.  Many employers offer adoption benefits.  Some states offer adoption benefits to state employees.

The health of the child is always a concern to all involved.  If the birth mother tests positive for drug use, the adoptive parents will be made aware of the facts (even in a closed adoption).  At Furman for Families, we urge adoptive parents not to let the health of the baby, or even the possible drug use of the birth parents, deter them from adoption.  Drug use by birth mother does not always indicate that the child may face neurological problems.  We strongly believe a child born into drug use can thrive given lots of love, bonding and proper medical treatment.  We have seen children with health concerns overcome their problems to flourish and become happy, well adjusted, loving children.

It is not just the love of the adopting mother and father that bring a child into a family.  The love and support of the extended family and friends are invaluable in helping a child overcome the problems he or she may have suffered as a result of poor birth mother health.  The love and support of the extended family and friends is important is all adoptions.

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Steps to Adoption



Prospective parents wishing to adopt should contact Bethany Christian Services or Catholic Charities.  You will be invited to attend an informational meeting or take part in an initial consultation.  You will meet your Adoption Social Worker who can answer questions specific to your state, your adoption and the particular requirements and workings of the agency.



Prospective parents will take part in a Home Study.  This involves individual and joint interviews with the couple.  Pre-placement paperwork required by your state is completed.

Pre-placement counseling helps prepare you for parenthood and the placement of a child into your home and family.  Even if you already have children, you need to take part in educational meetings.  The agencies provide both pre-adoption and post-adoption counseling for adoptive and expectant parents.  Adoption Social Workers are always available to address your concerns.

Bethany Christian Services and Catholic Charities help connect potential parents to expectant parents.  Usually, the birth mother selects a couple to adopt her child.  The birth father also can participate in the selection process if he chooses to.  This process can take the form of Open, Closed or Semi-Open adoption.

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