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Interstate Adoptions

Yes, it is possible to adopt a child from another state!  Furman for Families works with agencies and state entities to ensure a smooth flow of paperwork between all involved.  The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) was established as law in 1984 to assure cooperation among states regarding conditions and requirements for interstate placement of children.  All states, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Guam are members of the Interstate Compact. The compact covers adoption, foster care, residential and relative placements.  It ensures protections for all involved including each involved state and provides a timely manner in which home visits and adoptions may occur.

The ICPC ensures that states will cooperate with each other “in the interstate placement of children so that…each child requiring placement shall receive the maximum opportunity to be placed in a suitable environment with a person or institution having appropriate qualifications and facilities to provide a necessary and desirable level and type of care.”

The ICPC allows children to be sent to another state for placements that are:

· Preliminary to an adoption.

· For foster care, including foster homes, group homes, residential treatment facilities and institutions.

· With parents and relatives when a parent or relative is not making the placement.

Furman for Families believes in the creation of families.  Place of birth or residency of the adoptive or birth parents are not deterrents to making a successful adoption.






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