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Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

The charge of domestic violence encompasses a wide variety of acts towards someone with whom the alleged perpetrator has a familial relationship, and they don’t all necessarily involve physical injury. So while things like assault, battery and false imprisonment obviously fall under the category of domestic violence, so too can things like harassment and stalking. It’s a broad legal area, and if you find yourself charged with a domestic violence charge, you are going to want a criminal defense attorney with the experience, know-how, and aggressive tactics to guide you through your defense.

A Domestic Violence Defense Attorney With Mobile and Baldwin County Courtroom Experience

Here at Furman and Furman in Daphne and Mobile, Alabama, we know how cases involving charges of domestic violence can degenerate. Everyone deserves the presumption of innocence, and if you choose us, our firm’s founder, John Furman, will fiercely defend your rights as they should be, by introducing evidence that contradicts the spurious accusations against you. John Furman has a keen understanding of domestic violence cases, because he’s handled them from the perspective of a criminal defense attorney and from the perspective of a Prosecuter.

Consequences of Being Convicted For Domestic Violence

A conviction could mean a wide range of penalties, from counseling to fines, restitution to the victim, community service, and yes, jail time. And the consequences for a domestic violence conviction do not stop with the immediate punishment; with such a blemish on your record, your life will never be the same. If you have children, you may be in danger of losing custody. You may lose your right to own certain firearms. Finally, your job, your reputation in your community, your good name are all at risk. That is the enduring power of the social stigma attached to a charge of domestic violence, and that is why, if you have been falsely accused, you must fight back. That means securing for yourself the very best legal representation – someone who has not only the requisite legal experience but also an understanding and compassion for how such charges are taking a toll on your personal life as well. We offer free initial consultations, so don’t hesitate to contact us today to get answers to more questions you might have about restraining orders, changes in the law, and ways in which we can begin to form a solid defense strategy for you.

Mobile and Baldwin County Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

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