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Charged with Theft in Mobile or Baldwin County

Being found guilty of any theft offense often carries a heavy stigma and people in your community may judge you for your actions for years to come. Many employers will not want to hire you if they have reason to believe that you may steal from the company and will pass over you when choosing an employee.

There are many forms of theft, from misdemeanors such as shoplifting to felonies like grand theft auto which may involve charges of assault, weapon use or drug charges. If you have been charged with theft it is vital that you get the help of an Mobile and Baldwin County criminal defense attorney who can work with you to gather the evidence that will prove your innocence. If you are guilty, an attorney can still help you reduce the sentencing and get the charges reduced, perhaps even negotiating a plea bargain to avoid charges altogether.

Theft Defense Lawyer

The legal team at Furman and Furman has the legal know-how to put forth a defense to get you the best possible case outcome . This could include seeking out witnesses to testify and support your defense. If you choose to pursue a plea bargain, the defense attorney must be a persuasive negotiator. In either case, lead attorney John Furman will help you get your life back on track and will work with the goal of protecting your future and your freedom.

Contact an Mobile and Baldwin County theft defense attorney immediately if you are charged with a theft crime and are searching for experienced and trust legal counsel to help you avoid a conviction.

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